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Client sent documents for me to review but has not accepted my proposal.

He acted as though he wanted to proceed. The job was for me to review a tax reurn for accuracy and/or issues.He sent me the return which I briefly reviewed. There were a few issues. I see it doesn't look like he ever accepted my proposal. I sent him a message "I do not see where you have accepted my proposal. I have reviewed that return and I have two areas on the return worthy of your attention. If you could please accept my proposal first I will share those items with you."


It's been over a day and he did not respond.

Am I missing something? Did he just not know he had to accept the proposal first?

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If you have no contract, then you have not been hired.


I can see if I have a contract by going here:


Upwork -> My Jobs -> My Jobs


If I have no contract, then I don't owe the client anything.


It sounds like the client wanted you to work on this project - at least at one point in time. But he saw that there was no contract in place. It sounds like he didn't want to send you the remaining documents you need until after an official contract was in place. When you go to your proposals page


Upwork -> Find Work -> Proposals


...do you see anything in the "Offers" section, where you can immediately accept a hire offer?


If I think that a client may be unfamiliar with the Upwork user interface and may need a little help, I can send a short simple message:

"Frank: Thank you for the opportunity to work on this. I will get started after you click the green Hire button. Then I wil click Accept, and I can do the work."

Thank you that is quite helpful. That job is not listed under my jobs.

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