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Client sent offer but didn't respond when it was accepted

Hi, I accepted an offer from client which I didn't submitted a proposal nor got interviewed. It was an instant offer. I accepted it because I know I can do the job. So I reached out to the client discussing the details of what I can do for his company. However, for two weeks since I accepted the offer, he's not responding -- we never had any discussions. Will this affect my job score later on?


I'm afraid I might just end the contract. Let me know what you think. Im still building my profile. It concerns me while feeling in regret that I wasn't able to do anything for the client as I don't have information aside from the offer he sent. 

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I have never heard of any client just 'send over' an offer without sending an invite, getting a proposal, etc if they don't even know you.    I also don't think it's wise to just 'accept' any such offer like that without first speaking to the client.  The behavior you described by the client sounds suspicious and strange.  Just 'sending' an offer without talking to you and then disappearing right after.   However, if you haven't performed any work for the client (or billed/invoiced anything), you can end the contract with a reason like 'client unresponsive' and the whole job will just 'vanish' from your Upwork work history on your profile.  A job where no money was paid is basically treated as a job that 'never happened'.

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