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Client sent the AI format of fonts



I have been working with a client on creating a timeline for his books in Photoshop. He get a personalized font made for that document. He has sent me the AI format of the fonts, I have asked him that what he sent me is an illustrator files and for me to use the fonts I need a font file with an extension of TTF or OTF . He said ok and then after 3 to 4 days sents me a the same files in a zip folder. 

Am I missing something? can I use the fonts in AI while making the document in Photoshop? I do not know how to explain to him. Kindly help 


Thank you, Aruna

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I think you can convert them:  **Edited for Community Guidelines**

I have tried this but nothing is working, kindly help seniors 

Hi, sorry I'm no graphic designer and I'm not sure if this is the correct place. You might want to go to stackoverflow or similar sites.


You can also ask the client again to request for the exact file you can use, but I'm also unsure (based on your niche) if it's an "acceptable" action or not.

Thank you for your reply, yes I did ask the client for the right format, twice, lets see what they have to say about it 🙂

I am a designer but I  do not work with creating fonts, and I am sure there must be a way but it's not easy and straight forward ,  I have searched the internet for it. 

I am hoping someone here would tell me how to go about explaining this to the client 


Thank you 

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Should I share the file here?


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