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Client serving Virus on Upwork and Blackmailing the Freelancer for $30.

Hi to all, Yeasterday i applied  for job i.e  Software Tester -Easy Project Client Name:Paul Hendren .

Please read all discussion that i paste below


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He told a freelancers to download file and install it on your System.Telling them to  disable A/V while downloading file.once file  download and get open it will locked ur all file . then this person  blackmailing for $30 to remove virus and return back your files.


so please be aware of this person. i am attching a screenshot of  Properties of Infected file  of mine. Around 200 Files including txt file, doc file video, image.







Yikes.  You did report him to Upwork, right?


ahhh ransomware.


As a software tester, you should know only to install some random's software in a sandboxed environment or even a VM. There are some clear signs of ESL mistakes that give "Paul" away that his name is not Paul. I've had people try to get me to install software and I professionally tell them to get bent. lol


I'll help you out so you don't noob it up again -- never install anything on anything other than a VM and preferably a PC separated from your main network. Some ransomware crawls the network.


Best you can do is see if there is a fix from one of the major virus vendors


I am really sorry for Ashish.


But with all the horror stories that we read on those forums and after repeatedly seeing all this naivety from the victims, I have to repeat what I have said before even if it's harsh: Darwin was right.

"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ashish, 


I've reported the client to the team so that they can take actions against the client's account. In the future, please do not start to work on any job unless you were offered a contract, and it is showing up in the My Jobs section of your account. 


To help you work safely on Upwork, please have a look at tips and warning signs shared in this thread and Upwork Trust & Safety FAQ.

~ Avery

Thanks Guys  for your Valuable responce

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