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Client suspended the contract after job is finished - HELP

Dear Upwork support team,


I'm Dženan and I'm working here at Upwork as well.


First, BIG thank you for chance to work at Upwork.


All my contracts until now was clean and all reviews from clients was 5 stars, you can check it. I also have continous jobs with my clients.


Yesterday I started one of contract with client**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Today I finish the job and client is just SUSPENDED the contract. I did that job and I got confirmation from the client. I sent him projects files, images, etc.


I worked all night on this project. Smiley Sad


Looks like no one can be trusted.


Please, what will be with my payment? It's protected or? I'm so disappointed.


Thank you so much for the network like Upwork!

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Clients can't suspend contracts. They can either request a refund (escrow) or pause an hourly contract. If the contract is truly suspended, that's on Upwork and it's likely because of fraud if it was this quick.


If this was hourly and you tracked your time appropriately, you should be paid provided the payment method was verified when you started. They send you an email if it isn't, so you should have known if it wasn't.

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Thank you Jennifer,


As I mentioned I really have clean work history here. My profile is verified by video call, and everything else is ok.


So, really I'm surprised by suspending this contract. I didn't know that client can't suspend it.


This client I worked for him no job history as I can see, also no payments history, but I sent the proposal to him properly and we start the contract

I hope that Upwork will investigate this case.

Thank you one more time.

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If the client account is suspended, then the score won't matter. It sounds like there is a high possibility of fraud. 

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Thanks a lot, Jennifer.


Your answer has helped me a lot.

I'll wait and see what happens.

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Hi Jennifer,


Good day, can you also look at this, i got same problem and the client is not reponding for 4 days now ignoring my message to him. Thank you




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Gabby S wrote:

i got same problem 

Don't spam! Answered here already!

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