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Client threatening for refund - URGENT Pls guide..

Hi, We are working on a major project here on Odesk, this project involves designing and backend creation for website, it took more time then what we have estimated as the backend was more complex then what we have thought, also in the mid of project the client disappeared when we nearly completed 80% of the site, I have raised the issue and have launched complain against him here in Odesk also, they contacted him several times but he didnt responded nearly for 1 month, then he came back suddenly and we started working again on the project. Now he is threatening us that if we does not complete his project in coming 10 days (Which we are going to do it before that) he will complain against us and will ask for Refund of all this money, I wanted to know is this thing possible ?? As we have already completed 80% work now and just 20% is left and he is asking for refund, I have already discussed the same with Odesk staff too regarding the same. But i am still confused that can odesk refund him the money without my consent by automatically withdrawing money from my PayPal / Bank ?? Is this possible ?? Pls guide i am really worried..

you keep mentioning we and us. have you been sharing your account or advertising your services as a company in your profile?
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