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Client threatening to take legal action after 3 months from closing the contract

Hey Upwork Community


I worked on a fixed price contract for over 10K$: NFT project (Creating Art Only!)

As I was working on the art creation, some delay occurred due to personal reasons I had
I dealt with it in a professional way, notified the client and we agreed on pushing the deadline (the agreement happened via zoom calls, but not written in the chat) and we never updated the deadline date on the Upwork contract

But after the delay, the work was done, and contract was closed on the 23rd of June.
Gave me good feedback and all good!

Once that was done the deal was, I work on the Art generation for the NFT collection
So I was already working on that even before finishing the contract for the art creation.

Then what happened is they said:
They thought the art generation charges were included in the payment they made before
And they insisted on not paying any more money!

By then I already delivered the source files of the art I’ve created in the form of a google drive link
So I simply stopped working on the art generation, and told them they have the source files and they got what they paid for and they can take it from there

After some back and forth, one of their teammates sent me a text today stating they are starting a dispute and aiming for a charge back. They plan to take legal actions and even ask for more money as damages (due to the delay in delivery)
Not only that but they accused me that I wanted to get more money out of Upwork platform, like literally they’re using Upwork ToS as a way to twist my arm!

Quote (part of the text): "I am in the process of signing and starting a dispute and my legal team and the bank that paid your Upwork have been notified. All the evidence is compiled and now the case is being created with my legal team, plus the payment will be disputed in the form of a chargeback via MasterCard respectively."

So right now, the status is:
- We have a closed contract on the 23rd of June for over 10K$
And that's it.


My Questions: 

- Can he ask for refund after closing the contract (fixed price contract)?

- Legally speaking can he harm me in any way? (Since I didn’t deliver on the time mentioned on the Upwork contract)

- Does me connecting and talking on WhatsApp all this time put me in any issues with Upwork ToS?

- Say I'm found guilty with Upwork, and I accidentally didn't respect the ToS, does my account get suspended directly? or I get some sort of an account hold?


Thank you for reading and would appreciate any advice and any help!

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You live in Tunisia.


The client does not live in Tunisia.


There is not going to be any "legal action."


Block that person on Upwork, and block that person on all other forms of communication that he has ever used to communicate with you.


Stop wasting your time and energy with this ridiculousness.


Dont give in to bullies. Don't empower bullies.

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