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Client used my work without Paying

Hello there,
Let's directly get to topic. I was told that i have to give a test and then client will hire. So I did it, it was the video. Now when i manually checked he uploaded the same video on his channel, without Paying me. (I worked for 8 hours)
What to do ??
So can i raise the dispute for this?? (If not whats the solution??)
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Jay S wrote:

So can i raise the dispute for this?? 



Jay S wrote:
What to do ??

If no payment for the "test" was agreed, absolutely nothing. You volunteered to work for free.

If you had agreed a price for that video, you can issue a takedown notice.


Jay S wrote:
(If not whats the solution??)

The solution is not to work for free in the future.

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I'd say you still own copyright to the work. Use it in your portfolio. But, yeah, if you give away your work for free, you shouldn't be surprised that people take it. 

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