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Client using somewhat bad language

I'm a children's books illustrator and my client called One Picture I drew GHETTO UGLIEST HES SEEN and that I should google before working when I simply made it according to his book and art type.

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Clients are entitled to their opinions, even if they are crass. There is nothing to report to Upwork, here. If they curse, are vulgar, sexual, degrading, etc. then contact Upwork.


With your profile, you are not going to attract great clients. You need to use the link to the Academy at the top of the page. Your profile is a beacon to scammers that you aren't following the rules. The first line is all the clients see, and get rid of names, greetings, and your desires. Offering low rates is a sign of someone without marketable skills, so if you have marketable skills, don't do it.


Learn about vetting clients and jobs. Upwork is no different from a random chat room. You don't know who you are talking to, what their real name or other identifiers are, or their intentions. Freelancers must assume every client is a scammer until proven otherwise.

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