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Client variable job demand

What if client's job description and verbally explained requirement are totally different and you have already done and submitted work (twice) according to written description. But now when I called and talked he need a totally different thing which is not mentioned in description. 
What to do now. Already half payment is funded in escrow (as first milestone) but not received yet. 

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If you've done the work as he described in writing for the first milestone, the client can release it to you and fund a second milestone for the additional work with new requirements. Clients are not allowed to ask for free work.


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If you have a fixed-price contract, then the deliverable or task is described beforehand.

It can not be changed.


If a client hires you to draw a picture of a baby with 8 hairs on his head, and you do so, then the client needs to pay you. The client can not ask you to add a 9th hair. Such a request is out of line.


If a client asks you draw a 9th hair on the baby's head, tell him:

"Francis: That sounds like a great addition to the project. The original agreed upon task has already been completed. If you would like me to add that, you can close the contract and set up a new hourly contract to pay for the new work. Or you can add a new $50 milestone to the current contract. Or you can close the current contract and set up a new fixed-price contract for $50 to pay for that new work. Please choose whichever works best for you, and then I will do that new work."

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