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Client waiting until after I accepted their proposal accepted to notify of price change

I recently accepted a contract with a client who proposed my asking rate. I accepted the offer, started getting more information, and the client said that they would like to pay my rate for the first hour, which is $30, and then drop down to $8 or $10 per hour after that. I would have been fine with that had my client communicated this to me beforehand. I did not like that the client made an offer and then waited until after my acceptance to mention this. I told my client I did not like that and said that I would be backing out of the contract, but wished my client the best. 


Has anyone else had this happen? If so, how did you handle it? I sent a message to Upwork Help because I am afraid that if the client leaves a review, it might be poor because I backed out and did not complete any work.

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First, if no work was actually billed (as it sounds like it wasn't) there is no review a client can give. There has to have been some payment made. As such don't worry about a bad review.


Second, while I have never had that happen, it would indeed be inappropriate. I think you handled it properly.


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If I understand correctly, contracts with no payment are treated as unsuccessful for JSS purposes. I might have worked for 1 hour and then closed the contract. 


You should probably report the conversation to Upwork as the client may be trying to scam freelancers by switching the rate and hoping they will agree to save their JSS. 

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