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Client want a refund for a milestone that was completed way back and was statisfied at that time

hy i have project on upwork which has 3 milestone  2 of theme was complete but on 3rd my backend developer gone so i let client know that he should start and pay for 3rd milstone untill i found another one ,but he was in hurry and found other developer himself ,but now after i think 1.5 month he ask me for a refund of 2nd milestone which is frontend of app,that is completed and payed by him way back. what should i do because asking for a refund is baseless at this point he has the source code and everything

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Is it just a request by the client?


Or something along "automated refund" as mentioned by a few other posts here?

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Politely say no.


It is inappropriate for the client to ask for a refund.


The client is essentially trying to steal money from you.

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Have you already delivered front end code (as you mentioned as 2nd milestone) or not yet? I do also agree with Mr. Preston to say no to client.


But apart from that I would also like to give an advice that you should not wait for 1.5 months and when you knew about the situation that you didn't have backend dev (who require for completion of 3rd milestone), then you should have discussed and sort out the project earlier instead of waiting for 1.5 month.

We should also respect the clients and try our best to avoid any kind of disconfort to them due to our internal issues like availability of resources, etc.


After long time delay and indicision, sometimes client may expect something more due to delays disconfort in their projects.


Such kind of situtation may push you more towards adjusting with amount/refund. You may either stick with no refund for the work you completed or may think of partial refund of 2nd milestone (just as a sort of negotiation) and the only reason behind suggesting it is that you already made 1.5 months.

If you would have made early negotiation about closing a project without completing 3rd milestone and refunding for 3rd milestone, then there would be more possibility that you wouldn't have to offer even partial refund to 2nd milestone.

I hope my view will help you in decision making.


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