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Client want me to delete screenshots

Ace Contributor

Recently, I got a client on Upwork and I created a Facebook ad campaign for a client but the client is asking me to delete all screenshots and refund money.


Let me explain.


The client is saying that I made a mistake in the ads?


What I did wrong?


I just picked up a slightly wrong product image for his product which was for an electronic gadget for stopping a dog from barking.


I didn't run ads, I just sent them to him for approval so he can check everything.


In another ad, I duplicated the ad but forgot to change the description. 


So, yeah. I made some mistakes in the ad because I was new to the business but I didn't publish those ads and asked for his approval.


Now the client is saying that you cheated me on Upwork because my mouse movement was less in the screenshots.


The client is saying that he charges $150/hour and he spent 4 hours with me and I wasted his time. So, he wants me to delete screenshots and refund his $90 ($10/hour).


My question is that I also spent lots of time on this project for understanding this project, analyzing his previous campaigns(he had lots of campaigns), his Google analytics, finalizing products, talking to him (3-4 hours), website, and competitor analysis.


If I offer him that I can create a new Facebook ad campaign for FREE just to make him happy. Is this against Upwork terms and conditions or I can do this?