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Client wants a Certificate of Insurance?

Hi guru's my new client wants me to submit a Certificate of Insurance via the Upwork Classification Manager as part of the onboarding process.


Has anyone had to do this and how do I go about getting this?

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I have the same question. It's for an RFP.

a. I'm a remote graphic designer. I can't imagine why I need this.

b. I thought part of why we use Upwork is because we don't need things like a COI to get a gig.

I'm not sure why one would have anything to do with the other. When clients require insurance, it is to protect them if the freelancer does something they could be liable for, such as copyright infringement. Working through Upwork doesn't offer any such protection.

They're going to be supplying the materials. If I include stock photography or free photos from somewhere like Unsplash, wouldn't they still be on the hook for copyright infringement in a dispute? Even if I were on the hook as well?

Technically, probably, but not in any practical/financial sense if your insurance carrier covered the full damages.  


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