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Client wants endless revisions on fixed price project


I am working with a client for a small prototype app. In the initial conversations we had, the client said he needs an MVP prototype. But since then, he has been adding more and more screens and work to the project. When I ask him if these are the final list of changes, he says he will take a look at the final product and then decide on the next iteration.


Since I'm new to Upwork, I am trying to accommodate all his changes so as to avoid getting a negative rating from him. But, it seems like his list of demands keeps growing. I tried having a conversation with him but he was unreasonable and said its normal for changes like these keep cropping up in a project. The client is new to upwork to with 0 pas projects.

How do I best deal with this situation?


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This happens a lot to new freelancers. You must manage client expectations upfront. When you are negotiating, state how many revisions your price includes. 


Changes don't creep up. Only creepy clients do. Don't let him boss you around or this project will be neverending. 


This is how I would handle:

"Joe, I have completed X revisions on this project as your satisfaction is important to me. However, I cannot work on this project forever and need to move on. I would be happy to make one more change for you. After that, please end the contact. If you require additional changes in the future, I would be happy to negotiate a new contract."


That way you don't close the door forever but have no obligation to work with him in the future. And if he ever contacts you (he probably won't), you will be too busy or your rates will be too high.  


Good luck!

Thanks for the inputs, Robin. Will be more cautious from now on!

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