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Client wants full refund and our Agency is blocked.

Hi oDesk world, I have a problem with a client, client hired two of my developers for her Project, we started very good, however after the first week client started changing the original tasks, also she was adding new ones, I thought that won't be a problem for us, and we adapt the progress, unfortunately, after every meeting there were more tasks, the developer logged the hours, client wasn't able to understand why the Project was taking much time, I told her that it was for the new tasks, so she suspended the contract, we always worked very fine in oDesk, so we continue working without extra charging her, but the client was adding more features until the last day, so finally she blocked me in Skype and went to oDesk support claiming total refund for a month of work. So, I received a notification from oDesk support asking me a refund of the 100%, I answered the message same day, and I added all the evidence of the work done, with urls, passwords for see the progress. I'm very distressed because I received the notification on Monday, now it is Friday, I didn't receive any update yet. The worst thing is that my financial account is blocked, so I cannot withdrawal anything, so I couldn't pay to other members of the Agency because this problem. How much time this usually takes? is the only option to refund all her money? We never had this kind of problems. Some of our best clients are sending us offers to new Projects, however I'm not sure if we can continue working without fixing this issue before. Any advice in similar issues will be very appreciated. Kindest regards.

When she increased the scope of the work did you tell her that this will take xxx amount more time and cost you xxx more money? You needed to tell her before working that the increase will now cost her money and ask her is she sure she wants it? This is the way most businesses operate. If you did that and she said yes, she was willing to pay the extra then just show that agreement to oDesk support that she agreed to the extra time and cost. If you did not do that, then lesson learned on how to operate a business.

Hi Margaret, thanks for your reply, well I learned the lesson, I just wanted to make the client happy, we have the original document of requirements, and I sent to oDesk support. I really want our Agency unblocked of this unfair dispute, I don't know how much time this takes, a week passed since our Agency was blocked. Thanks.

You did not really answer my question. I will assume the answer is "No, I did not tell the client that her changes will cost more and take longer." You need to improve your communication skills if you want to make it as a contractor or an agency. It will also help in ' keeping the client happy' if you are upfront with them about costs and timeframes.