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Client wants me to download game, register, send them the username and THEN they’d send the contract

I'm wanting to be sure and avoid any scams and avoid violating any user agreements/upwork guidlines. But I have a client with very little information on their profile but a verified payment method. 

I was asked to download their game on windows only, register, then send them the User ID I register with and THEN they would send me the contract. 

Am I overthinking this, or should the contract come before any action is taken? I'm just wanting to be as safe as possible as well as provide the best service I can. 

thank you!

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Hi Emily.


It doesn't look good. So I guess you don't overthink it. If the client has no reviews I wouldn't trust them too much. If they want you to do some job why don't establish the contract and pre-pay?


You can just express the concern as there're a lot of scamers on the platform and ask to establish a contract and pre-pay the milestone. If they aren't willing to pay you they'll refuse. Or just disappear.


If they agree (I really doubt that) DO NOT run the game on your computer. Use VirtualBox or similar software to download and run the game inside a virtual machine. It's the basic security rule.


It they will start promising you a lot of money or future contracts just "do as I said" it's a sign of scam usually. You don't have to be mean but you have to be firm.


Good luck!

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Unknown Downloads  = birth place for malicious malware.


Now it is upto you


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