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Client wants refund after almost 13 months

Active Member

Hi guys,


So this morning I woke up to a former client who's asking to be refunded for work I did more than a year ago. We had some communication issues in the past and, after my completion the assignments (milestones), we ended the contract in a mutual agreement. He even left me a 5-star review afterward.


Now, he wants me to refund (a part of) the money he paid me for my work. Here are my problems with this, though:


1) I delivered all my work within the deadlines and my client always approved the milestones.

2) It's been more than one year since the work was completed.

3) He went straigt to Upwork and filed a ticket without even discussing this with me.

4) Apparently, he had some of my work translated in four languages. Now, he says he's not happy with it and wants the refund to cover the cost of these translations. Keep in mind that he always accepted and approved my work and left a positive review afterward.


My questions are the following. Does he have any (legal) grounds to force me to refund him? From what I understand, there is a 180-day time limit for giving refunds. (I've looked and I can't actually refund him via my Upwork profile.) Any tips on how to approach and proceed with this (very annoying) issue?


Thanks a million in advance!