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Client wants to cancel contract after I submitted work

My client wants me to convert a poor quality jpg(72dpi 400k) photo into a vector so he can print it in a large size wall art. I did a sample work and show him what the photo would look like after it is converted into vector and he decided to hire me. Basically the photo will be lost its gradient and became a color cut out. After a few rounds of works submission, the client still complains the photo has low resolution and low dpi (show that he doesn't understand what is DPI, we are talking about vector) He wants to cancel the contract and not paying for my work.


I would like to know if the contract is closed, will he still be able to leave me negative feedback? I swear I work with a positive and can-do attitude, giving different solutions and tryouts. But I don't want to struggle with a client that doesn't understand graphic rules and being unrealistic. I feel unfair they can treat freelancer like this and freelancer cannot do anything and forced to waste time on them.



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Hi Shekay. After closing the contract he will not be able to leave any comments. I suggest you to cancel the contract from your side. Either you cancel or he cancel the contract, in both situations it will affect your Job Success rate.
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Every client has a right to cancel (or "close") a contract at ANY time.


But a client has to pay you for the work that you have done.


A client does not have the option to close a contract and simply "not pay" you. If it is an hourly contract, closing the contract does not have any affect on the time you have logged. The client will be automatically billed for that time. If it is a fixed-price contract, the client must release the money in escrow to you, or ask for your permission to get a refund.


If you refund all money associated with the contract, then it will be impossible for any feedback given by the client to appear in your work history on your profile page. But as freelancers we work to get paid, not to get stars or feedback. So we don't want to refund money in order to block feedback from appearing on our page. Besides: You don't even know what the feedback is yet.


Note that even if public feedback doesn't appear on our profile page, a client's private feedback can still impact JSS. And a zero-pay contract has negative impact on JSS.


My advice is this:

If this client or job is not working out for you, then try to end the contract as quickly and as amicably as possible.

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