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Client wants to cancel the fix contract

The client doesn't like the designs for the first milestone that I have submitted twice and wants to cancel the contract. Where do I stand? Do I get paid for a first milestone or do can they cancel the complete contract.

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Community Manager

Hi Haramb,


On Fixed-Price jobs, freelancers are advised to use the submit work link on the contract details page in order to share the final product with their client and at the same moment request payment. If your Client requested the changes for the work delivered, you need to submit your work again, using the Resubmit Payment Request button. You can find more information here.


Please try to explain things with your client. Remind them of the details that you both discussed during the negotiation of the project. You may copy-paste some of the important terms you have where they agreed or send a screenshot of your conversation.


Thank you.

~ Bojan
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