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Client was not satisfied with the work.

Hi everyone, my client just closed the contract because he was not satisfied with my work. I was nice to him and he too was nice but the thing is he was not satisfied with the work and hired another freelancer. So, in this case, should I refund the client because I am worried he would leave negative private feedback? Well, he left a 5-star rating but I am worried about the private feedback. My current JSS is 100%, how much will one negative private feedback affect my JSS? 

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Negative feedback will not be removed if you refund - your JSS will still be affected.

And, if I were you, I would not get too hung up on having a 100% JSS anyway. 

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If he has already left a feedback and closed the contract giving a refund will have no impact on the JSS. As the Private Feedback is already recorded and as you say the public feedback is 5*. 


Issuing a refund would have helped you to hide the public feedback only, in your case there is no need to hide the public feedback. 


If you feel you, did you best and acted best to your abilities on client's instructions there is no need to refund. 


I will give a full refund only if I was convinced that I did a bad job or could not complete the job as per instructions and discussion. 



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