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Client went out of communication.

Hello awesome people,


I somehow end up in a situation where my client went out of communication. 

I was hired on an hourly basis as a virtual assistant. The client was a frequent traveller and ended up making a stop in my country, and he is looking for a temporary local assistant for his local errands here.  During the discussion, he asks if I'm interested to continue to work for him even after he left for his next stop.  After all the necessaries have been agreed, I start to work for him and things went well for a few weeks.


Until 2 weeks ago, he went quiet. I am already done with whatever errands that he needs me to do (before he went quiet), and waiting for next assignment/instruction/task. I can't log any hours if he didn't assign me any task. But he went quiet and did not even reply me at all communication platform.

Note: He did not owe me anything and I would say he is a good paymaster.

My question is:
1) Having this contract 'active' but without any activity, will this affect my JSS? 


2) If I leave this contract 'active' will this affect my chances of getting invitations from prospective clients? or affect my chances of appearing in client search?


3) Any advice on how should I move forward:
a) should I leave the contract on and be on standby if he will reach me for any task.

-but having it on without certainty makes me nervous to bid for/accept other assignments - on time management considerations.

b) or should I end the contract  (with the risk of bad rating, as I am not sure how he will react to it)

-  he seems easily annoyed/offended and tends to make assumptions.

Appreciate any thoughts on this. I know it does not seem much of a deal, but I am really trying to build my profile & JSS, and have no experience dealing with such situations/clients.



I have also ran into this problem. I was doing work for my client and they has not responded to me in a week. I finished my task a little over a week ago and have not heard from them. I have been able to log my hours, thank God, so that I can get recogintion for it. I messaged him saying that I was concerned that I have not been hearing from him and would like some sort of contact. I figured since it was the holiday that maybe they went on vacation, but if that was the case why was that not spoken about? I would have appreicated a "hey, I am on vacation for the next week, I'll see you when I get back."???? 

This is good to read for advice.

I have a client who never supplied the work that they contracted me to undertake. They have replied to my messages with vague promises of sending the required assets but nothing has ever turned up and they have not replied to my last two reminders.


After reading this, I'm going to cut them loose and hope none of you ever have the misfortune to have them waste your time too. 

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