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Client withdraws contract, no explanation

So, this is a first for me. I submitted my proposal to a client, he seemed happy to work with me and even pay extra for some added things. Wanted me to let him know if I thought of suggestions for more copy that would help him. Gave me documents outlining types of copy he liked and answering questions about his business that I had asked, and sent the contract offer. Since we're in different timezones, it was night when he sent it (morning for him) and morning when I recieved it (about 9pm for him). I saw that a couple hours before I logged in, he had withdrawn the contract. Reasons being: job was canceled or changed. The job is still up and he still hasnt hired anyone for it. I messaged him asking if the job was canceled or what had happened, and no reply in over 30 hours. Although he's been online. So confused and frustrated!


Anyone know what this is about, how I should react from here, any possible reasons?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Rachael,


Unfortunately, it looks like you delivered work before you were hired by this client. The client withdrew the offer and you'll need to communicate with them directly and ask for an explanation. In case this was done in error, you can ask the client to resend the offer so you can accept it, and enable them to process the payment for the work you provided. 


Make sure you start working only after you've been hired and can see an active contract under your My Jobs tab. Please review the information shared in these resources and let us know if you have any questions.


Hi, I have no idea what "work" you guys think I sent him? I havnt sent anything to the client whatsoever. 

Hi Rachael,


I apologize for the confusion, I checked again and see you haven't provided custom work to this client. Please do follow up with them directly and again I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.


No worries, I did already follow up with them asking about what happened but I havnt recieved a response 😞

Rachael, the client may have withdrawn the offer for any number of reasons:: changed his mind, got cold feet, hired someone on another platform, got free work from another freelancer, etc. So I think you should move on and look for another assignment.

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