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Client won’t end a contract long done despite repeated requests

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Yoan B Member Since: Aug 17, 2019
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Hello fellow freelancers,

I have an old contract (April 2020) I’d like to see terminated once and for all but the client (agency) doesn’t reply to me anymore.

In case you were wondering, there’s no bad blood in between the client and I, at least as far I know. I accomplished the job we agreed on, got paid, they said “thank you” and that was it. They even messaged me a few months ago, asking for help about some documents they needed translated but not once did they mind answering my requests (my main interlocutor promised me to do so whenever he’d “have a moment” and obviously never kept his word).

As previously mentioned, the job in question has been completed since last April and I have politely asked them to terminate the contract 2-3 times. Strangely enough, they are a very active agency on Upwork, with mostly good feedback from freelancers so their silence and/or refusal to cooperate doesn’t make any sense.

Any idea how I could put an end to this contract ?

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Yoan B wrote:
Any idea how I could put an end to this contract ?

Simply end it yourself...

  1. Go to My Jobs 
  2. Find the contract, click on it to open it
  3. Click on the 3 dots on the right
  4. Select "End Contract" in the dropdown
  5. Follow the steps to close the contract.

end contract.png

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Yoan B Member Since: Aug 17, 2019
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Thanks a bunch Petra! Didn't know freelancers could do that. 


All the best to you.

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Adham A Member Since: Jan 2, 2021
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In this case, if I ended the contract, will the client can rate me? and if he still did not respond, would he rate me?

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Freelancers always have the opportunity to close a contract.


If a client closes a contract, the client WILL give feedback.


If a freelancer closes a contract, the client has the opportunity to leave feedback. The client may or may not leave feedback.

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Francis P Member Since: May 21, 2021
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A client invited me (and other freelancers) for a test run of a project and gave contracts which he paid after we finished. After we finished the test run, the client informed me that I was not among the freelancers recruited for the job. However, the contract is still open (for the last one month now) and I feel that the contract should close. What can I do that will not affect my credibility in Upwork.


Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Francis,


Feel free to close the contract from your end at any time as well. Rest assured, contracts with no feedback will not affect you in any way. To learn more about this, check out this Post. Thank you.

~ Goran