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Re: Client wrote a wrong feedback and ruined my account

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Ivan J Member Since: Feb 2, 2017
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Greetings to all, 

I hope that someone could help me or advice me on this matter. Client made big mistake and wrote me a feedback for something that I didn't do. Here is a feedback: "DO OT HIRE THIS THIEF** This person is the to steal. I gave him the first milestone and he provided copied code and said that was the agreement."

I never worked on any code for him, I worked on his customer database, and in chat he said that he was very satisfied, but when he ended contract he wrote this feedback which is obviosly reffering to some other project and other freelancer. Now he is not responding to my messages.

Does anyone could help me or give me an advice how to resolve this? I worked very hard to earn Top rated status and now this stupid mistak of my client could ruin everything.


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Pavel K Member Since: Jul 28, 2015
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Hello Ivan.


You might want to try this:

"My Jobs" -> "All Contracts" -> Select the contract with this client -> press "Enable client to change feedback".

He should receive an email notification for this.


If this doesn't help, you can write a response for this feedback and explain the situation in a professional manner.

Be aware, that this feature is limited in time.


Also, as you said you were top rated, you might be able to remove the feedback from your job history.

For this, you should contact the customer support.

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Ivan, if you are top rated (or it's less than two weeks since you have lost top rated status due to this) you can use the top rated perk to remove the feedback and impact on your JSS.
Find out more here
  • Removing a contract’s ratings to exercise more control over your Job Success score. As a Top Rated freelancer or agency, you can request to remove one job’s ratings from your account. The client’s public 5-star rating and comment (if any) will be hidden from your profile, and the contract will be excluded from your Job Success score. This perk can be exercised once every 10 jobs and at most once every 3 months.

*edited to add: You can choose whether to hide the client’s public 5-star rating and comment (if any) from your profile. Elance contracts are not included in this perk.



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Amy M Member Since: Jul 3, 2015
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Sorry to hear this happened to you Ivan.  I hope you follow up with upwork help on this issue and really push the point because it shows one of the vulnerabilities in the upwork rating system.  If the client makes a mistake like this and/or basically makes things up about the transaction, it is highly unfair this has a negative impact on the freelancer.  The client is in no way obligated to help, or respond, or correct his mistake or to change the feedback but the consequences fall very heavily on us.  



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Carolyn G Member Since: Mar 20, 2017
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Hi Ivan,


As you are a Top Rated freelancer, you have the ability to remove one feedback from your profile and/or JSS every 3 months and 10 jobs. However, if there was an error made on the client's part, the others are correct, you can click the link on the contract to enable the client to change the public feedback he left for you, but I would talk to him first, before you click the link.

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Amy M Member Since: Jul 3, 2015
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I don't think it is "fair" that Ivan should have to use his one and only top rated lifeline if there is clearly a mistake and the client is talking about bad code in a job that involved no coding whatsoever. Also calling someone a "thief" when they clearly completed the job in a professional way is not fair either.  Clients should be held more accountable for their feedback.  


The way that no feedback on a job negatively impacts a freelancer's JSS is also related to this issue I think. I asked a client politely and professionally to leave feedback 3 times on a contract that was left open for about a year, but he just disappeared.  It should hurt his client score, not my JSS because I have no control over whether he leaves feedback or not.  Clients are in their right to just disappear and stop engaging with the site and not respond to messages, so why is the freelancer penalized for the client's conduct in using the system?  I guess I am naive or an idealist or something, but to me that seems highly unfair to the freelancer who has no way to really make the client comply.     






Community Manager
Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Amy,


Please note that only a pattern of contracts without feedback can affect a freelancer's Job Success Score negatively.