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Joachim M Member Since: Mar 23, 2015
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@Lars S wrote:
 I am not good with stuff like that, but what is a virtual machine?

Lars, that's a special software to emulate a computer on your existing computer. The VM, e.g. Virtualbox ( is installed on your normal computer. You then install an operating system in this VM. The OS in the VM is shielded from the OS you normally use. Everything that happens in the VM will not affect your normal OS (host system). 

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Mikila S Member Since: Sep 12, 2015
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Lars, I'm new on here and by checking out your profile, I'll guess that your are too.


When a job prospect presents itself, I can only imagine how excited you must feel but I'd advise you to please take the advice of the seasoned freelancers on here.


Wishing you the best.

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Lars S Member Since: Jul 19, 2015
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Hello. Yes, worked here for almost two months. Need to work.Smiley Happy


Does not have much money, and lives in Cambodia, I have the feeling that it is alot of clients here that exploit new freelancers. I've had some very fine clients here, but also been unlucky with some. But is exciting to work as a freelancer Smiley Happy


Good luck to you too Smiley Happy

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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LOL No way in Satan's playground would I let someone do this.

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Sandra T Member Since: Nov 26, 2014
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I wouldn't do it either, unless it's a good long-term client and I know exactly what I am dealing with.


Often on jobs like this clients simply provide a Skype (or similar) account with $ in it. You can record the call e.g. to use it for transcripts.


There are also CAT tools that reach into the phone number database, do you dialing and then provide the templates into which info, answers etc. can be entered. I've worked with plenty of these during my student market research jobs.


It could very well be a harmless software like that, but especially in a scenario like this (remote freelancer, online platform etc.) the process needs to be completely transparent. Ideally the freelancers needs to be able to download and install the software himself, and before doing so needs to be able to gather adequate info on the software. Needless to say that if the software isn't freeware, the client needs to do the purchase and then provide the freelancer with the registration code.

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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The other thing is that the guy has no idea about the freelancer's environment and could do something that renders the machine unbootable or interrupts normal software, etc. Even if it's totally innocent software, who is going to pay for the downtime when the software causes issues with the PC?

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Barbara W Member Since: Sep 10, 2015
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.I wouldn't do it, personally.

If you DO decide that you want to go through with it, you need to make sure you have ALL information ahead of time. Ask for the exact name of the software to be installed, and do a thorough search about it. If nothing comes up in search, it's most likely a scam of some sort. If it turns up with people saying it's a scam (or even people saying it's a good way to get information - hey, you never know, some people could post honest, glowing reviews about their spyware) - it's a scam, obviously. If it turns up nothing but positive reviews from those who have INSTALLED it - not those who have recommended others install it - go ahead and move to the next step.


Find out ALL the terms of the contract. How does this software play into your job description? Are there not other means by which you could achieve the same function without compromising your computer's security? If it seems legit at this step, and you find good information from step #1, then proceed.


Next, see if you can install it yourself - preferably on a new user account on a computer, if you can't access a completely fresh computer. You don't want to put yourself at any risk after all. If the job is legit and you can verify that you're speaking to him about the same program he's talking about, there should be no issue whatsoever with you doing the install. If there is, well... That could be a sign that he's not planning on JUST installing that one program.


Best of luck!

- Barbara Herrera -
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Claudia Z Member Since: Jul 28, 2015
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@Lars S wrote:

The client has a verified account on  upwork but is completely new here, so he has never hired someone through upwork before.

 He has 1 hire, in september, no payment ... yet.

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Lars S Member Since: Jul 19, 2015
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Hi all. Thanks for all the advice and tips. Yes, I wrote to him yesterday that I wanted information about the programs he will install, and the possibility that I can install it myself. But has not yet received any response from him.