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The day before yesterday.. I submitted proposal for a job.

The client replied in the evening. He was from Netherlands. He scheduled a zoom meeting for the next day and I agreed.

The next day.. 3 hours before the meeting He cancelled it and said. His wife is about to get labor.

I don't know if any fake client schedules a zoom meeting. I am confused.


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Let it go. It's possible they were telling the truth, and in that case I am surprised he even bothered to let you know. If not, then they had other ideas.


Why are you confused? Clients are under no obligation to meet with you and can cancel whenever they wish. This was not a paid consultation, was it?


If you were going to talk about the job, then it was a conversation, not a hiring. Yes, it's possible a scammer client would have a Zoom meeting, but highly unlikely. The scammers don't want to be filmed; it's one of the ways you weed them out. It sounds like it could have been legitimate.


Leave the proposal alone, and perhaps the client will return. In any case, don't sit and wait for the client, you apply and don't look back. If my explanation didn't help, post again with questions.

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