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Clients AND Contractors that want to pay very low fees and Contractors that accept them

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Connie J Member Since: Feb 14, 2012
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Well, Once again I am very frustrated with Odesk. If you go in at a "low price" for a United States worker, such as, $8.00 you still have clients and contractors low balling everybody all the way around. Only wanting to pay very little per hour, some as low as $3 and $4 dollars per hour. No one ...NO ONE can live off that. And then you have those stinking contractors going in at a low ball, accepting the slave wages. Why would a client pay $8.00 per hour when he can pay slave wages at $3,$4 and even $5 dollars per hour? Ask yourself that everybody. You are really harming everyone by doing that. Please, everyone wake up and accept the pay you deserve. It is hard enough out there without some people always taking the work and working it for almost free slave wages. My most recent job I obtained did not come from Odesk. I had to go to Elance to get the respect and the pay I deserve. I used to love Odesk but now I just have a bitter taste in my mouth every time I apply for a job and get asked,"will you take less? " or then they hire someone else and you find out that person accepted very little pay to do the job. Ridiculous!!!