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Clients Asking For Samples In Interviews

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Julia D Member Since: Apr 27, 2016
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Hello, freelancers? How are you?

I've been working on Upwork for over two years now as a translator/proofreader/trasncriber, and in the past six months I've noticed that tens (and counting) of clients have been asking me for samples...not some job from my portfolio, but the translation of a piece of text they got. I'm not talking about a paragraph just. Many times they'll ask me to translate 2 pages or more. In the beginning I did the sample job for them, but they usually just disappeared...and the funniest part is that these clients asking for samples usually interview a great number of candidates and hardly ever hire at all.

The last couple of times this happened to me I immediately flagged the clients, and whenever they ask me for a sample now (which means all the time) I tell them did they know it's a violation and that they could be banned, and so on...Now, I think it's very important that we just stop (whoever is still doing that) doing samples for free so that then they won't have a choice but pay for the sample if they need one. Let's work together on this! Thanks.



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Ryan C Member Since: Feb 3, 2017
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Hello Julia,


I'm sorry that you had experienced this using our platform. Please click this link to help you learn how to avoid questionable jobs. Thank you.