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Clients Asking For Trial Article

Hello everyone,


So, my concern is that I have been experiencing this trial article thing a lot lately. I am having my good time on Upwork, but there are a few things I would like to discuss.


Although asking for a trial or sample test article is totally fine, but some clients take the free work, then they disappear, and the best part is...they never hire anyone.

Not hiring me is not the problem!


I have experienced two such clients, they asked for test articles from many freelancers, told us that they will follow a selection criteria for hiring and will update in a week or two. They never showed up, not in months, and never hired anyone.


And and...I just saw when they "last viewed" their job post, and it says 20 days ago. They are not even bothering to visit their posts again. 🤔


What is actually happening?!?

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This "clients" need free work from you, nothing else. You gave it for free, thats all.

Never work for free anymore. Ask for small milestone for that trial.

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As Mykola said, they are seeking free work. That trial article will eventually become an unpaid published article.

You have plenty of writing samples in your portfolio. If a client wants an idea of your writing style, let them view your profile samples.

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Ask the clients for a trial $200 in exchange for the trial article.


Create and place some articles in your Upwork Portfolio and point the clients there.


Never Never do trial work unless you enjoy working for FREE.


Who enjoys working for free? 😣 At least I don't!

Whenever I send a proposal, I attach published samples, URLs with it. 

I get most jobs with this.

But still, some people say that a test articles is their criteria for hiring. I got my first abd the most amazing job after giving out a sample work. The client later on paid for that sample as well So, it is not always a scam.


My point was, if a client doesn't respond and hire anyone despite taking samples from around 30 freelancers, an action should be taken against him/her.



Again, freelancers ARE NOT supposed to be doing free work. Click the Academy link on the top of this site for how to use Upwork for success.

It is all up to YOU.  If you believe you will get or have gotten work, why post here? As an adult you are free to do whatever pleases you.

The most effective action would be for freelancers to stop choosing to give away their time. 

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Asking for a trial article without pay is NOT fine. It is a violation of Upwork's terms of service. Many clients who demand free trial work gather all the content they need in free samples and never hire anyone. 

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> clients take the free work, then they disappear, and the best part is...they never hire anyone.


There's *a lot* of 'clients' like that, collecting free samples and they complete their project for free. 'Data gathering' / 'lead generation' is another good niche for that.


Now you know 😄

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