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Clients With No Feedback

Community Guru

Gaynor writes in another post:


We've found good performing freelancers prevent this by being selective about their jobs and clients,."


To me this says I should never work with a Client that is new to  Odesk because as an experienced freelancer I need to be very choosy in order to protect my reputation on Odesk and the new client offers me no clue as to how the job will go.


For this reason I no longer will even consider working with a new Client with no feedback history whatsoever.


Although this doesn't seem right, it's far more important to protect my reputation on Odesk than it is to take a risk with an unknown.


By being selective as he suggests, it seems to be my only option with new clients.


As well, Fixed Priced jobs are so risky now that I hesitate to take any of them which is a shame as they're perfect for me. I'm disabled and working hourly is very difficult for me, but with Fixed Price Jobs I could work at the job for 1/2 hour, rest and then go back to it when ready. More jobs now seem to be hourly now whiich is too bad.