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Clients aren't online / aren't seeing my messages?

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David P Member Since: Nov 18, 2015
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About 3 weeks ago, I had recently finished a round of projects on Upwork.  I had a lot of new leads, was getting daily interview requests, and did consultations with 6 new potential clients.  Two of them weren't a good fit for me and hired other people, but the others and I were very convinced we should work together.


I expected to have enough work from Upwork for April to be a very good month - not even considering my other income sources.  Several of the clients did second calls with me, and I prepared full project quotes for several of them.  But as of today, I've only started work with 1 of these clients - even though several others insisted that I was their top candidate and said they'd be ready to work almost immediately. 


The other potential clients are not responding.  I followed up with one via email, and he said he never saw my message (or my quote) in Upwork.  I've been following up with the others in Messages without a response.  As of now, only one of the last 105 (!) clients I have spoken with over the past several years is listed online in chat.  And that person works for Upwork!


Where is everybody else?  And is anyone else having this same problem?  I've been here ready to work for them for the last 2-3 weeks.  It's a big waste of time (and a significant loss of income) for me to just be sitting around like this.  In the meantime, I've just been trying to follow up, sending out other proposals, and looking for freelance work on other sites.

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Darren w Member Since: Sep 20, 2015
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Hi, David, I have had a similar problem with clients not responding, it seemed to start in February. However, my issue does not seem to be to the same extent as yours. I previously reached out for help/advice, but nothing helpful was forthcoming.


As such, I decided just to move on, and accept that client promises, communication and leads do not in the most part result in work. My advice to you would be to reach out to past clients, continue to apply for jobs, improve your profile, work on your proposal text, etc. Yes, that is all a little obvious, but, without any real help what else can you do?