Clients asking for copy of my passport and other ID's

So, I have applied for two jobs and both responses that I got was them asking me for a copy of my passport and my other ID's which was a huge red flag for me, I wasn't that desperate to actually follow their instructions. Of course I just withdrew my application and blocked them right away but I wonder if some freelancers here took the bait? I just want to raise awareness about this scam here and hope that there aren't any victims to this stupid scam.

Some clients are looking to scam, but this might not always be the case. Some of them use it as part of their recruitment process. If you had to send it, then just use some software to blur out the most confidential information.

Never EVER provide that type of information to ANYONE online. I'm sure there are some freelancers that may have fallen for it but it is a major red flag. No one should ever need that type of information from a freelancer to start or complete a contract.

[quote=Nessa Joan G.]I wonder if some freelancers here took the bait? [/quote] Yes, it's not always a scam. I just can't believe that there are so many people who *automatically* think it's a scam. [quote=Natasha R.]A client can ask for this as part of a non-disclosure agreement and it's your choice to send it or not. Check the work history of the client. I can assure you there are legit clients that do ask, it's for identity verification. [quote=Tony H.]If you do (it's not uncommon for some who are concern with security, I've done it before, as well as National Police Security clearance) ... use Photoshop or whatever to blackout the passport number, and expiry dates. personally, I've done this many times. Consider the risk with the background and size of the client's company., and make up your own mind if it seems legit or not[/quote][/quote]

Well, I can't think of a reason why they would need a copy of my passport and ID's. Can someone tell me what they would be used for?

Maybe they're more paranoid than normal about working in cyberspace, and just want to be sure you are who you say you are...