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Clients asking for freebies

I have a client who is asking for me to "sponsor" additional work. I am afraid to say no, because of the JSS thing, which is so scary in how it could tank your profile. Does anyone have any nice verbage to tenderly tell clients no? I have always had trouble with this boundary so need some coaching. Thanks!

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It is a violation of Upwork ToS for a client to ask a freelancer to work for free.


If you are afraid to say "no," then don't say "no."


Say "yes."


You can tell the client:

That sounds like a good idea. Adding Module B1 to the project would certainly make it better. If you create a fixed-price contract for $50, I will be able to do that. Alternatively, you can create an hourly contract at my current posted rate for me to do that. (I estimate it will take about 2 hours to do the work.) Please feel free to create whichever contract type you prefer and then I will do that work."


See how you did NOT tell the client "no", but instead you told the client "yes," and you told the client precisely what he needs to do in order to accomplish his goals?

Diplomatic, thanks!

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