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Clients attempting to take me off the platform

I recently had two potential clients communicate with me outside of Upwork and asked me to take payments via PayPal. Both of these people asked for my email address / WhatsApp where I was told about the work and then informed that it's paid via PayPal.


Of course I said no, but these people have extensive history on Upwork (lots of jobs completed and lots of reviews) so I am concerned that I am going to get more people who look like legitimate clients, trying to do business with me outside of Upwork.


What can I do? It is painfully obvious that these clients consistently have freelancers do test jobs and then take them off of the platform to continue their work, as their entire client history consists of small one-time test jobs.


Hi Luke,

You can PM me all of the details including screenshots of the communications in which they ask to move work off the platform and I'll ask the team do a thorough review of the clients and information provided, thank you.


I think we've all had this happen to us at least once.

I always answer with a firm "no way. I will only work in Upwork", and usually they go ahead and hire me through Upwork, but if they don't and I see them interviewing a ton of freelancers without hiring, I report them.

Some clients are new and don't understand how bad that is to offer that to a contractor. I try to kindly explain that it's against the ToS, and I really like my account so I will not be able to do that for them. Again, most of the time they ask me to help them figure out how to do it legitimately. But some are scammy. You're right to be reporting the clients you've dealt with.

Hi Luke,

Mrs Melissa C says right its could happen once.

Yes, of course some clients are new they don't know how bad that is soo its if you explain that it's against the ToS may be next time they do not offered you again.