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Clients changing job posts budgets

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Otavio B Member Since: Apr 5, 2016
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I recently stumbled in a new trend by job posters. The person first post the job with a large budget (to get a lot of applicants?), and then the next day this budget falls dramatically. Yesterday I applied for a job with a budget of $12,345.00 (How stupid I was not to get the number sequence) with the guy saying that was just a placeholder, but he has not money concern, he´s looking for honest people, with creativity and engagement.


Today clicked on this proposal to check how many interviews he´s doing and Bang! Budget is now $15.


Does that fall into any category of possible flagging? 


Upwork should put a limit like "You can´t low your budget more than 40%", as an example.


Another thing that is annoying me a lot, is people looking for an "EXPERT $$$", for jobs with a fixed of 20 bucks. I think Upwork´s system should deny this kind of you can only post a job for experts with $XX minimum, or $XX fixed....same for intermediate, so cheapskates may start to learn something about limits.


I´m just waiting for the first one to comment: "well, just avoid this type of client". Well, that´s too obvious, But the idea isn´t the idea to build a better and stronger community? And now we´re paying a premium comission I understand we deserve premium features too.





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Richard H Member Since: Aug 22, 2015
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Let the clients play their games. You bid what you want to make for the work involved. That's the only way to be satisfied with working on this platform.

Tell them in your proposal exactly what you will provide for the amount in your bid and that if they invite you to interview you can discuss the details and adjust your bid accodingly (up or down).

Don't over-think their intentions.

Bid and go on to the next one.