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Clients circumventing the "avarage / high / low" bid stats

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Hanna N Member Since: Jun 17, 2015
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I noticed something interesting today.


I bid on a translating project that had a budget of $5, but the words "bid with your price" in the text. This made me assume that the budget was arbitrary, so though by my rate the bid came to almost 17 usd, I bid anyway, especially since there were no other bids available and I had the connects to spare - not to mention the client has some good stats on their account.


I received a decline for my proposal so fast that it was almost like I had thrown out a bumerang. Of course, the reason stated was "bid too high".


I've been keeping an eye for that job and I've noticed that this seems to keep happening throughout the day. Someone bids - of course I can't see how much since there's only one bid - and soon the job goes back to 0 bids.


I believe that this client full well knows that most of the translators here would think the budget too low, and that they keep declining bids as soon as they are made to make sure that the other potential bidders - especially the newbies - do not see the avarage bidding price being as high as I imagine it being.


I wonder if this is done a lot?