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Clients does not provide legal requirements?

Hello!I have a problem with one contract; The client asked me to do a CATI (phone) interviews on polish beverage market.


However, after I started I was informed (and I checked that too by myself) that what I am doing is not entirely legal because of GDPR (Poland is in the EU and the client is India); They do not have any GDPR guidelines and cannot provide with policies like who will be storing the recording from calls etc.

I asked the client for GDPR consent, information how this data will be stored, that it will be transferred to India and all other GDPR important consents, but the Client just said that I should inform Recipients that they will not publish it.

I think it's very important, because this is violation of GDPR law and research I'm doing is on the EU market;


However, I am afraid to say to the Client that I cannot do this job because of lack of legal requirements. They will end my contract and give me negative feedback. What should I do?

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There are only two things you can do: go along with the client's casual attitude about the law (at best, they are ignorant and inexperienced, at worst they are shady), or tell the client what you've told us and ask them (one more time, no more) to either furnish the information you need to have available or end the contract amicably.


You are right to anticipate the client might respond petulantly and give you negative feedback. If you are TR and haven't used the perk lately, you can have the feedback removed. At the very least, you can leave your own feedback--concise, calm, and to the point.


Either way, you learned to get that info up front the next time you are preparing to undertake that type of project. (I've been freelancing for longer than I care to admit and I still learn dead-simple lessons like that from time to time.)

I would flag the job as being unlawful.  Hopefully, a moderator will tune in, too.

Do you know how can I do that? At my side, it looks like I can only end the contract. 

You can send a PM to whatever moderator is on the forum today. Or file a ticket with CS, but I would take the moderator route.

Hi Joanne,


Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I will share this with our team for future investigation. If you have more details about this client or screenshots of messages please send me the private message with more details. Check out this post for more tips on how to avoid questionable jobs. Thank you!

~ Bojan
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