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Clients doesn't read my proposals.

Hi everyone here on Upwork Community,
I thought I have some problems with my Proposals and therefore fore i have not been hired since April-22.
I worked on proposals and designed every proposal exactly according to the client requirements.
But sitll didn't get any job.
Today i was just looking my states and i noticeed that no one client even viewed my proposal.
in the past 90 days i submitted total 43 proposal where my proposasls are viewd ony 5 times.
in the last 30 days i worked more on my Proposal and reduced the no.of submition and no one proposal been viewed out of 7 proposals.
I need help what should i do now, this is really hurt when i make a proposal with hardwork and client even not viewing.upwork.png


Hi Muhammad,


I'm sorry to hear you haven't been able to connect with clients through your proposals, I understand that it can be discouraging. I'd suggest that you still revisit how are you crafting your proposals, even if you understand that you are tailoring them to your clients' needs. In addition, you can review your profile to ensure that it's as attractive as it can be for your clients, while accurately displaying your skills and services. You can take a look at the following Upwork Academy courses to help you do just that and much more:



Lastly, feel free to sign up for upcoming events and webinars to learn more about how you can boost your success on Upwork.
~ Luiggi
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That means that the first two lines of your proposals don't entice the client to open them. Are you wasting them with an introduction, a greeting, a repetition of the job post?

Hallo, ich heiße Blair and I'm a senior graphic designer from Canada.


I was wondering if I could avail myself of your expertise and request a review from you of my profile and submissions.

I may be under the false impression that I can write good proposals and cover letters.


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