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Clients follow up


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Chloe L wrote:

Hi everyone. I am wondering how would you approach clients when they haven't contact you for a while but still leave the contract on? Would you message them and ask if they still need your service or just leave it and wait until clients contact you?

Idle contracts can accumulate quickly and it starts to look weird when people have 30 or 40 jobs in progress. You can send the client a message asking to end the contract if they have no work at this time, or end it yourself, but not many at the same time.


Hi Chloe,


If you are working with a client and they become unresponsive for a long period of time, it may be best to stop working on the project and wait for contact from the client. In some cases, you may also reach out to Upwork to contact the client on your behalf. Feel free to check this help article for more information.


Thank you,

~ Nikola
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