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Clients not bothering to give feedback via private message or close contracts

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Charlie E Member Since: Aug 2, 2015
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It's not just clients who don't leave feedback, it's freelancers too. 


I've had 2 freelancers in the past 2 weeks not leave cleint feedback for us even after they were given 5 star feedback.


As such, I am less inclinded to bother taking the time to write good feedback. 


It's not a one way street. I'm sure if I didn't leave immediate feedback then they would have left us feedback. 



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Pascal S Member Since: Mar 23, 2016
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OH?? so if a client doesnt leave a feedback, its not good for our profile?

i have many clients that just cant find where to put that feedback Smiley Sad

how can we help our clients?

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Pascal,


If your clients ended the contracts, they would have been prompted to leave feedback. If you ended the contracts, direct your clients to go to the Freelancers tab and click Past Hires > scroll down a bit and click on the contract title below your name and photo > click the green "Give Feedback" button on the contract details page and fill out the feedback form.


If the contracts were ended more than 14 days ago, you need to enable the option for the clients to leave feedback.


For future reference, you should communicate with your client after submitting work, check if there is any additional work they would like to discuss with you, and ask them to end the contract.


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Pascal S Member Since: Mar 23, 2016
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OMG! so thats why!


i should never end the contract myself ? 

thats the reason why they cant find the feedback page?

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Hanna N Member Since: Jun 17, 2015
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Hannah, if you have a lot of open contracts without active milestones, UpWork can start reducing your JSS for it. This happened to me. 


If the client does not reply to requests to close the contract, the best thing you can do is start closing them a bit at a time yourself. If the client does then get in touch with you later, you can always enable them to change (or rather, finally give) you feedback.


What I did is that once I had a short contract that I was working on, I closed one fo the old ones. When I received feedback for the new project or a couple of new projects, I closed another. This way, you won't have a block of "no feedbacks", but rather one here and there.

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Pascal S Member Since: Mar 23, 2016
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presently all of my project that would need a feedback are closed, when i ask my client why they didnt leave any feedback they reply that they just cant find where to put it


i think that Upwork should change the protocol by having the client put a feedback before he can close release the money


i am very carefull with my client i serve them the best i can, so its not a question of forgetting or being lazy, they just dont know how or where to leave that feedback Smiley Sad


Thanks for the reply!


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Pascal S Member Since: Mar 23, 2016
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i am relativly new on Upwork i started to be a Upwork freelancer at the end of last summer, i have 12 jobs done and my lowest feedback is 4.6 and 5 jobs with no feedback all the others are 5/5 points and my score is 85 so clearly there is something wrong with the system because if you could read the communication i had with my clients they are all very happy with my work

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Pascal S Member Since: Mar 23, 2016
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thank you all i will figure this out! Smiley Happy