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Clients' not conducting interviews after posting jobs

I have submitted over 12 proposals in the last seven days, and I noticed most of the clients never interviewed anyone. Can Upwork place an ultimatum for clients to reach out to applicants or close the jobs? 
My connects are at stake here.

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Good observation.

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Sure! this is very true, i also noticed the same thing.


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That's very good. Many freelancers won't give an interview for a small job or part-time work like me. Clients & freelancers could communicate through messaging on Upwork. Many small jobs don't need interviews too, I think.



Hello Farhana,
Even small jobs require a client to send a message to the freelancer, Upwork Algorithm picks it as interviewing or when an offer is given, it displays hired and the number of hires on the job post.

Hi Chinelo O,

Conversation through messaging is a good idea to start a small job.

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If the Upwork algorithm considers a conversation between clients & freelancers through messaging as an interview then it's best. Maybe client's set a time to conduct a conversation for job purpose & Upwork could remind freelancer time of conversation (interview).

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