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Clients not looking at my portfolio! Not checking my proposals.

Got a quite bugging situation here on UpWork. Wonder what are your thoughts about it and how can I improve.


I always try to select just a few project posts to bid on, I write quite personalized proposals, with links to my previous projects that match very well with what the client has in mind.


I get very poor response. It's like people don't even open my applications. My links and my case studies or sample files are not accessed.


What could be the problem?


Vlad, sometimes it can be either "feast or famine" here.  I checked out your Profile; I quickly noticed one item that may be causing you challenges.  Your response time to Invitations is < 3 days.  Most Clients prefer within 24 hours.  Many will wonder if it takes you a while to even respond to Invitations; how well will you communicate with them during a project.


I also noticed something else that doesn't have to do with your question but thought you should be made aware.  I don't think having your personal website on your Profile is allowed in Upwork's TOS (Terms of Service.) 

@Pat M wrote:

 I don't think having your personal website on your Profile is allowed in Upwork's TOS (Terms of Service.) 

Only if there is a way to contact him from the said website, which doesn't seem to be the case (or I'm really stupid because I was unable to find any contact link).


If the site is only a portfolio site, it's fine.

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Rene, thanks for the clarification.  As you could tell, I wasn't totally sure and didn't take time to find out.  Now I and whomever reads this will know.  Smiley Wink  

Indeed, no contact info provided on the portfolio page.


Yes Pat, I know the UpWork market since a long time ago. Maybe I should accept that most of the clients here look for the cheapest alternative and don't care much about quality. My problem is to qualify the ones that don't, because I had found great clients that I work long term right here.


Maybe is a numbers game and, eventually good clients come.