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Clients post and just leave without hiring

I is really sad to say that clients post jobs and we apply and waste connects but clients just forget about job. Neither they hire anybody nor they close the job. There must be a system to either close their jobs or an option for freelancers to withdraw their connects. It is not our fault if client does not hire and just lets his job posted for months, so why should our connects get wasted?????




Christine - You have given the best answer to Shayan, in my opinion, and I hope he pays attention to it. So many would-be freelancers complain about Upwork instead of looking to themselves or having any knowledge of the real world. In addition, I think Upwork would be successful if they thought more in terms of running a business than engaging in a social experiment.

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Hey Shayan, I will only apply to Jobs that are less than 3 days old and never old Jobs. I also will only apply for Jobs with a maximum of 15 proposals. This helps somewhat with not wasting Connects. Have a great day!

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If I were a client, I won't hire you. Your hourly rate is $45 which is very high when compared with the graphic designer I know from your country. He charges only $10 and his Upwork profile looks much better than yours. I don't think that you're serious to work here if you do, your Upwork profile won't come out this way. Show clients, you're a Pro. ðŸ¤— 

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Hi Apinia!

The value clients derive from my work is 1000x times greater than this $45

The value clients derive from my work is 1000x times greater than this $45

If you actually believe that you are worth that, then charge them $45000 per hour.


ETA to include quote

Then you should have testimonials on your profile because it would help for clients to see that since you have no jobs and no portfolio and barely an introduction.

Why doesn't your profile say one single word about the value you offer a client? 

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Can you tell something about my profile for improvement? 

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