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Clients rar file contains virus


This message is for Upwork's relevant authorities who can take legal action against the client


I submitted a proposal last night, and the client sent me a reply to that proposal and sent me a rar file... the rar file is encrypted so I've to use the password the client sent me, it includes a PDF file which is also encrypted, I ran the file it contains a ChainLink Whitepaper of 2017. Although I was shocked how could a 17-page PDF file be 50MB, also since this is a public whitepaper which is encrypted. But this morning I received email notifications from Google saying that all your 4 Google accounts contain suspicious activities

Look at the screenshots
I want to take legal action against the client as this can't be taken un-serious

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Glad I checked in on this I have a client that tried the same and google sent me something along the lines of it being a virus. I asked for another way to send the files and they say its the only way because it is secure product stuff.

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