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Clients taking advantage on Samples

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Jay Blueridge S Member Since: Jan 4, 2013
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Hi My name is Jay, and i've been in Odesk for almost 2 years and maintaining my 5.0 stars feedback. So i got a job invitation from a client from Toronto (based on his profile) and before we started he offer a paid sample of $10.00, but my propose terms after the sample is $17 per illustration which i realized im being too generous for it. So i accepted it as thats what we all do, we have to prove to them that were worth hiring and we got the skills they needed and im happy because its paid and not free sample. Everything goes well, He gave me reference for the style and i did the job. I sent him the file after working. And so he was aking for an .AI file. I was thinking why would he ask for an .AI Raw file if he's just looking for a sample. He should be good on the .png image i sent. But then, i sent the .AI file coz i thought maybe he wanted to check if i did it right and my process is right or something. After a day he messaged me and told me lot of things and he said " The image looks cooL! i have few notes to share after i discuss it with my team." and he gave me notes afterwards and i asked " I got it, very clear. Would you like to have a revision for it?" and he replied. " DO YOU WANT TO GET PAID? THEN OF COUSE ID LIKE TO GET A REVISION". And by that time i realized. I think his not looking for a sample but a final product. He likes my Illustration, he couldve give me notes and told me to take note of it on the Final Job i'd do. This guy is using "SAMPLE" as an excuse to pay me HALF or LESS of my PROPOSE TERMS and GET the illustration he wanted. But nop, I did not do the revision and i simply ended a contract because i know we wont have a very good relationship. I understand that they pay us, but i understand that CLIENTS and CONTRACTORS benefits each other and should respect one another. Ive been with a lot of clients and all of them are so NICE , when asked for revisions i do revisions because they pay me FULL PRICE. So yeah, If they want a FINAL PRODUCT, they need to pay us FULL PAYMENT. So my fellow artists, Beware... Thanks for reading! Jay Blue