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Clients that doesn't respond our message and even don't pay

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Rahman H Member Since: Sep 16, 2014
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I want to ask, whether oDesk have any actions to clients that doesn't respond our message (even more than 2 months)? I have some issues with clients that don't respond my message even I already finished the work. Currently this is the latest issue that I suffered. I already finished my job with client on first August 2014, and then I sent him a message. But he doesn't reply my messages until now. But today, when I browsing job for me, I find that my client is opening new job. I already sent ticket to oDesk about this client before I find that my client open new job application, and the agent that handle my ticket is said that she / he will take actions for this client and the ticket was closed before. I understand that fixed-price contract is not guarantee by oDesk, but I think oDesk need to have real actions for clients that don't respond or pay freelancers for their works. Or oDesk already has it?
Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Rahman, I am sorry to hear about your negative experience with a client. Upon checking, I see that there is an open ticket for this issue so if you have any more updates or additional information about this matter, please send it through the open ticket. Please, rest assured that all the reports are thoroughly reviewed by our Team and the necessary actions are taken. Thank you for your cooperation,
~ Valeria
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Rahman H Member Since: Sep 16, 2014
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Hello Valeria, Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate your response about my issue. I already updated my ticket too. I open this thread to ask, whether oDesk have policy about clients that behave like this? Since we (as freelancers) are trying to give quick responses and high quality work result, but what if we get clients like this? I understand that fixed-price project is not guarantee by oDesk.