Clients who don't pay

A client by the name of ** is a shame to the good name of odesk and the freelancing community. He will have you work for them then decline to pay. Be warned. *"Removed by admin"

So was it for a fixed price role? Didn't you ask for an upfront payment or agree to work with a milestone arrangement?

Why is that? AT least there should be an explanation as to why such a warning was being shot down. Is the thread poster the one erring? Or did they settled already? At least there have to be such an explanation. It muddles the situation. Please clear this out Ms/Mr administrator.

because #4, that's why: [quote]4. Including names of persons or companies (or other identifying information) in an accusation of misconduct, incompetence or other wrongdoing.[/quote] you'll find that here; in fact, it's a pinned post in every category in the community forums.
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Try harder, or care less.

That's helpful! Thank you!

Hi Gino, As Junelle pointed out, names of clients or any other identifying information used in an accusation will be removed from forum posts as they violate the Forum Guidelines. The best way to notify us and steer others away from a client/freelancer is to report them to our team. To do so, use the “Flag as inappropriate” link. This is the best way to get these reports in front of our team for review. Our team does review all reports and will take the appropriate action.
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I appreciate you. 🙂