I am a freelance ghostwriter on Upwork who completed a novel for a client. Now some backstory - the client came to me with a half finished work the previous ghostwriter did not complete. The writing was bad, and I pointed this out to the client. I finished the work, and informed him what needed to be done to fix the first half. He assured me the editor would fix it. We went back and forth several times in messages and I told him I am not responsible for the first half, only for editing what I had written.

Now I received the project back for the edits, and discovered the editor did not touch the first half. I am now concerned the client will not pay me for what I have done. Will Upwork look at the messages and see what both I and the client said to one another? What recourse do I have if the client refuses to pay for the work I did, although I did everything I was hired to do. I made it clear I would fix what was needed, but did not agree to rewiting the first half. I submitted the work today and have not heard back from the client yet. Thank you for any input you can offer me.


He may be having someone fix the first half when yours is fully complete. Just submit the work and wait for his response. There is nothing you can do until he responds, and he has 14 days to respond. I know it's nerve-wracking, but just wait and work on other things in the meantime.