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Close a contract with no milestones cleared

Hi all,


I'm stuck with a client who is demanding crazy complex work which was not even in the requirements but now he'll adding all of it and telling me to do it all otherwise I'll leave a bad review and stuff like that. I've found he's a professional in this manner he scams people like this cause he has a lot of upwork id's I think. Anyway I told him that I can refund he told he won't accept and the work he's demanding has is so complex that It may give a very very experience developer tough time. Almost all developers community I've talked with over the internet just straight up told that it's too difficult.


Now I have 1 milestone active with him out of 3.  (Attached screenshot)

No milestones have been paid/cleared to me, there's just 1 milestone active for which he paid to escrow.

I don't know how refund system works, I've searched and found out client can accept or reject and even leave review still and more importantly what if he won't agree to accept the refund.

Secondly what if I close contract will it be still considered as a job and the client will review me or I'll be safe?


Please tell me what to do I dont want to get negatively impacted because of it and I want to get rid of him he's giving me swerve headache, the guy makes 20 calls per day



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Anyone please help?

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